Crush it with Sagenine.

Sagenine is more than an easy-to-use app – it’s a different way to work. Companies that switch to Sagenine become more productive, they eliminate daily status meetings, they get their work done on time, and they never miss tasks.

One Workflow.

From estimate to invoice, Sagenine provides a single solution for your home service business.

  • Sagenine recurring job
  • Sagenine recurring job
  • Sagenine recurring job
  • Sagenine recurring job
  • Sagenine recurring job
Sagenine Customer Relationship Manager


Sagenine lawn care business app CRM

Work with any Customer.

Whether it’s recurring lawn maintenance, a one-time landscaping project or even managing internal company projects, Sagenine helps your team stay organized. Help make your field crews more productive with easy-to-use tools that connect your office and field teams in real time.

  • Search and find customers quickly.
  • View service history, notes, and more when customers call.
  • Create customer jobs in a couple clicks.
Sagenine Calendar


Visualize your Workload.

Managing your time has never been easier. From one-time service, to recurring visits, Sagenine's scheduling app takes the stress out of managing your workday. Know what needs to get done, by what crew, to stay on schedule. Identify issues before they impact the budget and schedule.

  • Easily adjust your schedule.
  • Get a clear view of your workload for every crew.
  • Reschedule jobs to different days, times or crews.
  • Add jobs and dispatch crews in a couple clicks.
Sagenine lawn care business app calendar
Sagenine Mapping and Routing

Mapping & Routing

Sagenine Software Service Business Routing and Mapping

More Teamwork. No Rework.

Sagenine helps everyone in your company manage work-to-be-done. Every account and job is scheduled, every day. The hour you waste lining-out your crews out is gone. Stop chasing crews and focus on building the business.

  • Easily assign jobs to your crews.
  • Add required job tasks, notes and descriptions.
  • Monitor your crew’s progress in real time.
  • Visually track work completed with Sagenine’s smart mapping.
Sagenine Invoicing


Keep the cash flowing.

Say goodbye to late nights at the office at the end of each month. Now, what used to take days, takes minutes with Sagenine’s invoicing software for service businesses. With Sagenine what gets done, gets billed. Have confidence the invoice amounts match the work completed: when, where and by whom.

  • Easily approve, edit or reject invoiced amounts.
  • Invoices are tied to work done in the field.
  • Email invoices to customers on time, every time.
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online.
Sagenine Invoicing Software for Lawn Companies
Sagenine Moblie App

Mobile App

Sagenine Service Software Mobile App

Never fly blind again.

Keep field crews and office staff on the same page! Crews arrive at accounts fully informed, without relying on messy (and missing) paperwork. Access job information, notes, account and customer profiles with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Track and record materials used at jobs.
  • Easily log issues and create detailed notes.
  • Use Sagenine’s visual mapping interface to optimize time in the field.