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Sagenine makes it simple: Input your jobs. Set the schedule. Assign your crews. Automate the invoice. Repeat. Never miss accounts again.

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Sagenine lawn care business app interface
Sagenine Mapping and Routing

Sagenine is service-based software for smart business owners.

Running a business on spreadsheets and paper is hard. We’ve been there too. We know what you need to run a successful service business. Our app will help you:

Sagenine Happy Crews

Grow your accounts to grow your income

Client happiness is your biggest asset. Keeping your clients and crews happy is what fuels business growth and prosperity. With Sagenine, it’s easy to manage accounts and crews to turn the workday into a work machine.

Visualize your workload with Sagenine’s mapping technology

Planning and organizing your work week is much easier when you can assign accounts based on geographic location, crew speed, and time to get jobs done. Setting your work visually makes your jobs-to-be-done much easier to manage.

Sagenine Account Assignment
Sagenine Account Assignment

We show you live crew location, to help you better manage your accounts and crews.

The map is the key ingredient to Sagenine. But what good is a map without live crew location?! See where your crews are at all times during the workday.

Our map filters let you filter your accounts based on different criteria: Show only Commerical accounts, or Residential, or both. View any jobs assigned to crews. Mix and match filters, and much more.

Increase on-time payments with automated invoicing

Our advanced job tracking makes invoicing your clients simple and easy. With job tasks tied to fieldwork, you will always know that you’re invoicing for the correct job and the correct work done.

One system to manage your service business

Sagenine helps business owners run easier by combining multiple systems into one. We’ve created simple but powerful automations, that connect your crews to accounts, accounts to invoices, and invoices to work completed in the field.

Is Sagenine right for you?

Industry leading software

Our main focus is providing kick-ass software for your service business. This singular goal means all our efforts are to help you make money and ease the burden of managing your business.

Small, medium and large

Whatever size business you run, Sagenine’s incredibly feature-rich software platform will save time, give you complete visibility, reduce fuel costs, and improve your client (and team) experience.

Switching is easy

We’ve cleared all the roadblocks for you to switch from another provider. Switching to Sagenine is a snap: use our How-To guides, or let us do it for you (yep, we’ll move every account, crew member and job)!

The future of Sagenine

Focus on creating value for our users by developing software that helps service-based business owners make more money by leveraging efficiencies in technology.

Systems are at the core of every successful business. Yet, most service companies use outdated service software that does not address the way their business works. Our mission is to build the best software that saves management time, allows employees to work autonomously and clears the way for a more profitable business.